Maples Environmental Services, LLC.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
License #: TACLB40533E
Maples Environmental Services offers the industry's leading service warranty on all repairs that we make. If we make a repair, we guarantee it for 10 years. This includes any needed refrigerant. 

M.E.S preventative maintenance benefits

Maples Environmental Services is proud to offer the industry's leading, preventative maintenance service that assures, if we make  a repair, or have to add any refrigerant to your HVAC system, we guarantee you won't pay a single penny As long as you maintain an active PM status with M.E.S. 

Sick of paying contractors to come out every year to fix the same thing over and over again?

 give us a call!


Maples Environmental Services offers the industry's leading HVAC Services   
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If you’re looking for High Quality Residential Air-conditioning and Heating Service, you’ve come to the right place. We have the industry’s leading HVAC service that is designed so you can sit back and relax, knowing everything is covered. Our HVAC services and our PM program is very popular with the people of Houston Texas. Our preventive maintenance program covers everything, from annual inspections and general maintenance, to all parts and labor, and even after-hours service calls. 

We value our reputation and always conduct ourself in a professional manner which promotes honesty and integrity. We operate our business the same way, never giving false or misleading information. This type of integrity and life style prohibits misrepresentations, half-truths, omissions, mismanagements and concealments of   after- acquired information. We believe in creating enduring positive principles of outstanding work ethics. We believe honesty and integrity is much more than just words. We believe it’s the driving force behind the way we think of ourself and the way we want the world to think of us, and the way we do business.


Our purpose is to offer our customers the industry's most comprehensive HVAC service in the state of Texas.

Of course, the minimum expectation when owning a home is to provide safe clean air-conditioned air and heat for you and your family, following all the applicable codes & requirements. Most home owners do only the minimum. By focusing on HVAC maintenance, you will have a distinct advantage over the vast majority of most common        air-conditioning problems. In general, a good air-conditioning maintenance philosophy entails preventing those uncomfortable periods of time between you making that phone call & waiting on your contractor of choice to show up to fix your air conditioning system and hoping it will not turn into a $5000.00 debacle when all it would have taken is a simple service plan with Maples Environmental Services.

 We Guarantee Our Work 

As the leading heating & cooling company in Houston Texas, We do our job right the first time and we guarantee our work 100%.